Our Services

Automated Spine Scan with Custom Thermal Massage

The Ceragem Master V3 is a Smart Innovative piece of wellness equipment that scans and measures your spine to customize your thermal back massage. You remain fully clothed. During you massage, it stretches your spine, stimulating the pressure points, increasing blood circulation and oxygen, relieves muscle tension, which reduces pain and inflammation, boosts your immune system and facilitates over all better body health, wellness and healing.

Whole-Body Foot Detox (Ion Cell Cleansing)

Numerous benefits are associated with neutralizing the toxic acidic build-up from your body that result from daily living. This form of Detoxing may help relieve arthritis, gout, edema, high blood pressure and cholesterol, brain fog, inflammation, depression, anxiety, allergies, migraines, fungus, yeast and more. This pleasant relaxing detox service will leave you feeling more mentally alert and physically renewed and re-energized.

Far-Infrared Sauna Blanket Detox

Detox your body by sweating away unhealthy toxins. Detox to reduce pain, purge your lymphatic system and fat cells, improve blood circulation, skin conditions, sleep issues, strengthen your immune system, relax your muscles, reduce stress, and clear your mind.